Month: December 2018

How I Solved It: Brick Wall Post #5–William Gillen 1782-1841

Guest blogger Diane Gould Hall’s 4x Great Grandfather William Gillen (Michigan Family Trails) was born in the last years of the Revolutionary War. As we transitioned from colonies to country, our record-keeping also shifted. Here’s what Diane has done so far in her ongoing quest to cross that generation and find William’s parents. Any other…

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How I Solved It: Who is Elizabeth Fordyce?

Guest blogger Morag Hughson (Wir Unst Family) is searching for the complete Unst Family Tree (Unst is the most northernmost island in Scotland). One day she came across a loose thread: Who was this Elizabeth Fordyce in the 1871 census of Scotland? Pulling the thread and analyzing the evidence, here’s how she solved it, adding a…

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