How I Solved It: Her Name Is Valerie

Gwen Kubberness looks for the stories behind mugshots. One day she felt drawn to Valerie. This is her story. __________________________________   She was Valerie Lillian Rita Lowe. She looks as if she could be anyone’s daughter. She has a shyness about her and innocents in eyes. When I first laid my eyes upon her I…

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How I Solved It: Brick Walls Post #1 – John C. Gould 1833 – 1919?

If you’ve ever felt like “a reasonably exhaustive search” could take your entire life, you’re not alone. Diane Gould Hall ( has done A LOT to find her ancestor John C. Gould’s parents. In today’s “How I Solved It” guest post Diane shares her methodology and asks for ideas from our readers.     If…

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How I Solved It: Tip: Finding More of the Story on

Dana Leeds, blog author from The Enthusiastic Genealogist, shares with us how a snippet found on a Newspaper site by a cousin led her to find more about the story with further searching. Dana points out that three articles name the man by three different names, which reminds us to be creative with search strings, even…

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How I Solved It: Eleanor Hope: An 18th Century Single Mum

Suzi Brent, blog author of Family Tree Mystery, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”. In this blog, Suzi shares the story of how she found the names of the fathers of three illegitimate children of one ancestor in the late 1790s. Using Parish Chest and Poor Law records for…

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How I Solved It: Finding Scottish Ancestors at Dunnottar

Nancy Loe, blog author from the website Sassy Jane Genealogy, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”. This is a quick story about finding details of her ancestors who lived within the parish of Dunnottar near Dunnottar Castle.

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How I Solved It: Brick Wall Ancestor | #4 Jane “Jennie” M Whitford Nichols Faulkner

Anne Faulkner, the blog author from Ancestor Archaeology, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”. Here, Ann shares how difficult it can be tracking ancestors when records seemingly keep changing. In this case, the location of birth kept changing. The people she lived with kept changing. Surname variations were a…

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Updates from RootsFinder: new Infographics and more

In case you missed it…we started a new infographic series for your family tree(s). The first one shows the average age at death for the men and women in your family compared to other RootsFinder users’ trees and also compared to the infant mortality rate over time. (I thought it was really interesting to see…

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Seven Reasons You Might Hire a Professional Genealogist

We’ve recently partnered with Legacy Tree Genealogists, the world’s highest client-rated genealogy research firm to provide additional options for our users to make their family history research as successful as possible. Hit a brick wall in your research? You’ll now find a link to “Hire a Researcher” in the toolbar underneath the header on a…

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How I Solved It: Angelina Appleton: A Victorian Bigamist

Suzi Brent, blog author of Family Tree Mystery, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”.  Here, Suzi shows us how she discovered a missing relative who ended up changing her name and becoming a bigamist.

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How I Solved It: It Pays to Look Twice

Jacqi Stevens, blog author of A Family Tapestry has shared this blog with us as part of our “How I Solved It” Series. Here, Jacqi tells us how she was inspired by another genealogical blogger to revisit some records she had filed away 20 years ago. With a fresh pair of eyes, she found the parent’s names…

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