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Five Steps for Finding that Hard-to-Find Irish Ancestor

Genealogy research in Ireland is notoriously difficult due to the lack of available records. The experts at Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc., have chased many an elusive Irish ancestor and they’ve learned a thing or two that can help. Here they share a case study (with the client’s permission) along with five key steps for finding your…

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How I Solved It: The Wives of Moshe Hersch

Israel Pickholz, blog author from All My Foreparents has shared this blog with us as part of our “How I Solved It” series. Here, Israel evaluates X-chromosome evidence to determine potential relationships. __________________________________

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How I Solved It: Brick Walls Post #1 – John C. Gould 1833 – 1919?

If you’ve ever felt like “a reasonably exhaustive search” could take your entire life, you’re not alone. Diane Gould Hall ( has done A LOT to find her ancestor John C. Gould’s parents. In today’s “How I Solved It” guest post Diane shares her methodology and asks for ideas from our readers.     If…

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How I Solved It: Brick Wall Ancestor | #4 Jane “Jennie” M Whitford Nichols Faulkner

Anne Faulkner, the blog author from Ancestor Archaeology, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”. Here, Ann shares how difficult it can be tracking ancestors when records seemingly keep changing. In this case, the location of birth kept changing. The people she lived with kept changing. Surname variations were a…

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Seven Reasons You Might Hire a Professional Genealogist

We’ve recently partnered with Legacy Tree Genealogists, the world’s highest client-rated genealogy research firm to provide additional options for our users to make their family history research as successful as possible. Hit a brick wall in your research? You’ll now find a link to “Hire a Researcher” in the toolbar underneath the header on a…

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How I Solved It: Angelina Appleton: A Victorian Bigamist

Suzi Brent, blog author of Family Tree Mystery, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”.  Here, Suzi shows us how she discovered a missing relative who ended up changing her name and becoming a bigamist.

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How I Solved It: What Happened to Sophia, Widow of Terresha “Terry” Jewell?

Schalene Dagutis, guest blogger from Tangled Roots and Trees, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series.”  Here, Schalene shows us how she tracked the life of the widow Sophia using census and local history records to reconstruct a timeline of her life and unlock clues.

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How I Solved It: Uncle Max’ Middle Name – Possible Success from FTDNA Match Alerts

Israel Pickholz, guest blogger from All My Foreparents, walks us through a promising DNA analysis at FTDNA in search of his family as part of our “How I Solved It” series.

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How I Solved It: A Genealogy Surprise From Spain!

Guest blogger Heather Wilkinson Rojo from Nutfield Genealogy shares how a relative and then a genealogist in Spain who had read her blog post just a few hours before provided information about some little known Spanish ancestors.

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How I Solved It: Always Read the Footnotes

Lori Lyn Price from Bridging the Past shares an inspirational experience and reminds us to always read the footnotes–even when you’re not expecting to find pertinent genealogical information. ______________________  

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