Author: Wendy Mathias

Mystery Monday: Mary Alice

Last week, guest blogger Wendy Mathias (Jollett Etc.) told the story of how she stumbled across an intriguing newspaper article regarding the death of Eliza Jollett, nee Watson. Like reading the last page of a book first, Wendy went searching for more of the story. Here’s what she found: ____________________________ If you work on your…

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How I Solved It: Another Eliza Jollett (Mystery Monday Part 1)

Guest author Wendy Mathias (Jollett Etc.) was working on a book when she stumbled across an intriguing newspaper article. In part 1 of a two-part “Mystery Monday” series, Wendy lays the foundation and shares her thought process for analyzing the evidence presented. Here’s part 1 of her story: __________________________ It has been quiet around here…

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How I Solved It: Email and Elusive Ancestors

Wendy Mathias, blog author at Jollett Etc., has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”. This blog is a good story about figuring out who a little-known person on the family tree actually was. Interest had flagged but then was raised again by an email from a person who…

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