Author: Lara Diamond

How I Solved It: Award for Greatest Distance and Time-Lapse for a Birth Registration

Next time you’re hunting for a birth registration, consider the case of Eizik Fuchs. Lara Diamond ( shares this story for our “How I Solved It Series” giving Eizik a [posthumous] award for going through the most difficulty (and time…and distance…) to get his birth registered. ___________________________________________ And the award for going through the most…

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How I Solved It: Cousin Jack, Leaving Clues–To the Diamonds’ Previous Hometown?

Lara Diamond, blog author from the website Lara’s Jewnealogy, has shared this blog as part of our ongoing “How I Solved It Series”.  This blog teaches us that it might be a good idea to research the relatives of your ancestors instead of your direct ancestors. Those relatives may be able to uncover stories and…

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