In case you missed it…we started a new infographic series for your family tree(s). The first one shows the average age at death for the men and women in your family compared to other RootsFinder users’ trees and also compared to the infant mortality rate over time. (I thought it was really interesting to see how long people were living! It also helps give you some good ideas when to start looking for probate records…and maybe where you need more data.) 

We hope you enjoy it and find it interesting. Feel free to share it with your family and friends any way you like. Look forward to a new shareable infographic, along with news about updates, new features, tips and partner highlights, in each newsletter–coming to you about once a week. Now you can share really interesting insights from your research without doing all the tabluation.

Infographics make analyzing and understanding your data easy. You’ll see trends and associations you never would have considered. But, mostly, infographics are fun. So, when your know-it-all cousin says, “People rarely lived past 40 back then,” you can say, “Well actually… ”.

These infographics are included in the free plan. To get them delivered straight to your email, make sure you’re signed up for news from RootsFinder. (From your tree, click your profile picture in the top right corner. Under your profile picture, look for “Preferences” and make sure the box “Send me a weekly email with facts about my tree and tips on using RootsFinder” is checked.) We’ll also save a copy of infographics for each of your trees under “Content Lists” in the the left side menu on the site.

Please let us know if you have ideas for infographics you’d like to see! We really appreciate your feedback.

RootsFinder Updates

Here’s some news about how things are going with RootsFinder development. We’re really exited about the way things are going. As always, if you have feature requests or support questions, please use the help button in the bottom corner of the site.

This week we’re thrilled to officially announce:
1 new circle view for DNA lovers
2 browser extensions for Firefox: clipper and todo creator
3 new major features: infographics, research logs trello view, research logs map view
4 new hint partners: Geni, RootsPoint, WeRelate, and WikiTree
5x growth in the past 5 months: 5 times as many people among all RF trees in the past 5 months
Dozens of enhancements based on suggestions by you in the forum and on support.


Let us know how things are going!

Please let us know how things are going for you with RootsFinder! We appreciate all your questions, comments, and suggestions helping us make family history easy to research and easy to share.

Have a great week!



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